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Women Gone Wild, 2012
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Women Gone Wild
Jane Futcher
Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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How do two Baby Boomers used to indoor plumbing, electricity and a Cineplex five minutes away adjust to life on one-hundred-and-sixty acres in Mendocino County, California? While they’re still living in a tent, the couple’s miniature dachshund gets kidnapped by coyotes….and lives. Rattlesnakes invade their carefully planned garden. When a neighbor gets busted, they sneak to the crime scene, discovering that their county’s reputation as a hotbed for pot growing is not just hearsay. Smooth transition? Not exactly, but this funny, surprising, often poignant memoir will inspire anyone who’s dreamt of moving to the country to get packing. The rewards of country life are far greater than its (often humongous and hilarious) challenges.

Dream Lover, 1997 (Alyson Publications, out of print.)
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Dream Lover
Jane Futcher
Category: Gay

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Kate Paine is a quiet lesbian artist. Ellie Webster is a married, seductive socialite who always has a woman “on the side.” Twenty years ago, the two women had a brief affair at boarding school. Now in their forties, they’ve met again. Suddenly, love flares up anew, and neither Kate nor Ellie’s lives will ever be the same.

Promise Not to Tell, 1991 (Avon Books, out of print)
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Promise Not To Tell
Jane Futcher
Category: Fiction & Literature

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An American Library Association Quick Picks book for 1992 
Fifteen-year-old Simon felt as if he couldn’t do anything right. He’d been kicked out of prep school and was in constant battle with his parents. Shipping him off to Maine to live with his older cousin was is mother’s idea of a way to turn his life around. Simon didn’t agree. But that was before he met Laura.
 She was beautiful. The most beautiful girl Simon had ever seen. And she needed him.  Laura was living with a dark secret she couldn’t tell anyone, except Simon. Simon had to help her. It was one thing he knew was right, even if keeping her secret made everything go terribly wrong.

crush, 1981  Alyson Publications. 
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It wasn’t easy fitting in at an exclusive girls’ school like Huntington Hill. But in her senior year, Jinx finally felt like she belonged.  Even her dream of going to art school in New York City seemed more real every day.
And best of all, Lexie wanted her for a friend. Beautiful, popular Lexie, who could have anything or anyone she wanted.  The other girls said it could never work – Lexie was too spoiled, too demanding.  But just being near Lexie made Jinx feel dizzy and scared and wonderful at the same time.  Soon all she wanted was to be alone with her.
Jinx knew she had jumped off the deep end this time. She had a whopping big crush, and she had to do something about it. Maybe if she talked about it, the crush would go away.
But it didn’t go away. Because Lexie had other plans. And Lexie always got her own way.

Marin: The Place, the People, 1981   Photographs by Robert Conover (Holt, Rinehart and Winston; Harcourt, Brace & Jovanovich, out of print)
Winner, Geographic Society of Chicago, Best Travel Book of 1981
(Coming soon to ebook format.)
Marin County in California, whose western shores are flanked by the Pacific and whose eastern shores are formed by San Francisco Bay, has been satirized and stereotyped, and the so-called Marin life-style has entered into contemporary mythology – hot tubs, peacock feathers, marijuana plants on the redwood deck, bean sprouts on the salad. Now, the actual Marin, as it is and as it was, is celebrated in a magnificently beautiful book that does full justice to the place itself in all its astonishing variety – sea, mountain, ranchlands, isolated villages, commuter suburbs—and to the remarkable diversity of people fortunate enough to live there.

Don’t Catch Me, I’m Falling (Coming soon to ebook format.)
Oz Howard keeps screwing up – smoking pot, totaling his mother’s car, flunking chemistry in high school. He’s mad at his mother for her attempts to control him and pissed at his father for marrying a San Francisco socialite. But a summer job at his godfather’s hip radio station in Northern California pays off; for the first time in months, maybe since his parents’ divorce, he feels useful, happy and alive. Instead of ruining his mother summer, he helps her in her battle, as county librarian, to keep a controversial book on assisted suicide on the library shelves.

Leaving Liza (Coming soon to ebook format.)
A weekend house party in the Hamptons sounds to Jamie Lake like a wonderful way to spend what may be her last visit with her best friend and former lover, Liza O’Hanlon, who has terminal cancer.
 But Liza’s quick-tempered lover, Jill, appears to have her own agenda for the weekend, guarding Liza so jealously that the women gathered have difficulty enjoying their final moments with their beloved friend.
 When Jill insists she conduct a séance to contact a close friend of Liza’s who died mysteriously a few months earlier, the women reluctantly agree. All are shocked by the outcome, and by Jill’s insistence that Jamie leave the couple, and Liza, alone forever.

Lesbians in Love: Short Fiction & Essays by Jane Futcher (Coming soon to ebook format.)
Now in one book --Jane Futcher’s erotic short stories from the anthologies Bedroom Eyes, Uniform Sex, Hot Ticket, Bushfire and Heat Wave; and her essays on lesbian life from A Loving Testimony, Lesbian Ex-Lovers, Dyke Life, Mom and The Next Step.