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Our friendship began on a clear, crisp October
afternoon one month after the start of senior year.
The Warren Commission had just announced that a single
gunman, not a conspiracy, had assassinated John Fitzger-
ald Kennedy. In Jackson, Mississippi, the public schools
were integrated without violence. And in a few weeks, the
names Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Baines Johnson would
be posted in every polling booth in America. But at Hun-
tington Hill, it was the day before the second hockey game
of the season, and they had put me back on the team.
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“This well-written page-turner explores the ups and downs of friendship, romance extracurricular activities, family relationships and ethical issues such as loyalty and integrity.  Crush is immensely engaging and readable.”   Anne Rubottom, San Francisco Chronicle, December 1989
“Futcher treats her themes with surprising gentleness.  Although obviously in rebellion against the values which Huntington Hill is supposed to instill in its alumnae (along with a good French accent and serviceable backhand), she never uses the novel as a soapbox from which to rail against the evils of the ruling class or the inhuman constraints of a rigidly heterosexist environment.  She does capture the aggressively WASP tone of the place, the preppy banter of the students and their insulation from mainstream America.”  Eve Pell, author of We Used to Own the Bronx, Pacific Sun, 1981.