Dream Lover
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Chapter 4
In silence the women cleared the dishes, washed pots and
pans, and loaded the dishwasher, which now hummed by
the sink. Ellie brought the candles in from the living room,
poured herself another glass of wine, tumed off the overhead
light, and sat down at the kitchen table as Kate eyed the bottle
of wine there. No, she thought, I will live through this without
a drink.
Ellie dipped an unlit cigarette into the flame. “Thank God
that’s over,” she said, winking at Kate. “I’ve been looking
forward to this moment since I found your book at
Kate smiled uncertainly.
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“Kate Paine knows she’s playing with fire when her lips touch those of her high school crush, now married with children. But she can’t stop herself. In this page-turner, Futcher makers her point brilliantly: There’s no flame like and old flame.” Sandra Scoppettone, author of Let’s Face the Music and Die and Trying Hard to Hear You.
 “Jane Futcher’s novel, Dream Lover, is absolutely wonderful – compelling, humane, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, beautifully written and wise.” -- Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird and Hard Laughter.

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Dream Lover

Jane Futcher

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