Heat – Short Stories

by Jane Futcher

Photo of “The Kiss,” by Tanya S. Chalkin

Ever been seduced by your boyfriend’s sister? Made love with your mother’s best friend? Gone home with a stranger when someone you love is dying? You’ll find it all, and much more, in Jane Futcher’s Heat, a collection of short stories from Bushfire, Hot Ticket, Bedroom Eyes, Heat Wave, Uniform Sex and other anthologies. You’ll laugh and cry with the characters, who’ll leave you wanting more, in Heat.

“Jane Futcher’s ‘Past Lives’ powerfully illustrates how a loving relationship can enable a woman to confront the past and heal.”
Karen Barber, editor, Bushfire

“In Jane Futcher’s ‘Caribbean Wave’ the marriage of childhood fantasy and the erotic is made specific.”
Linnea Due, editor

Bagels and Mink

It is a Saturday afternoon in mid-November, and the air is cold but not bitter. I am standing on a tree-lined street in suburban Rye, New York, in front of a neo-Tudor house, about to meet Rick’s sister and brother-in-law for the first time. It is 1972—Nixon has just beaten George McGovern; the Vietnam War is raging, and Rick has told his sister Victoria that our relationship is serious. On the drive from Philadelphia, Rick entertains me with tales of gay life—the bars where queens hang out in Philadelphia, the downtown park where Main Line stockbrokers cruise for teenaged boys. I am excited by the talk—it is my only contact with the gay world. I tell him about the straight woman at work who turns me on when she leans over my desk, her cleavage close to my shoulder, showing me the correct way to glass-mount a slide for the educational shows our company produces.We are both nervous about spending the night with Victoria and Hal. We are trying to be a couple, but we have never slept together, and we are both gay—he actively, me in tortured silence. Under those circumstances, it’s hard for me to feel comfortable with anyone, certainly not Rick’s family. Click to Read More