Dream Lover

by Jane Futcher

Kate Paine is a quiet lesbian artist. Ellie Webster is a married, seductive socialite who always has a woman “on the side.” Twenty years ago, the two women had a brief affair at boarding school. Now in their forties, they’ve met again. Suddenly, love flares up anew, and neither Kate nor Ellie’s lives will ever be the same.

Chapter Three

Kate tumed onto the live-lane freeway, heading south for Turkey Run. Three weeks had passed since the strange evening in Mill Valley with Ellie and her friends. Despite the dazzling house and the sexual innuendos, seeing Ellie again – so suburban and even matronly – had been almost anticlimactic. But since that evening something inside Kate had shifted. Kate’s energy and concentration increased as she painted. She’d begun a new Gina painting from photographs, a Rousseau-like dream portrait of both of them standing side by side, a jungle of birds-of-paradise, bougainvillea, and tiger lilies closing around them.
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“Kate Paine knows she’s playing with fire when her lips touch those of her high school crush, now married with children. But she can’t stop herself. In this page-turner, Futcher makers her point brilliantly: There’s no flame like and old flame.” Sandra Scoppettone, author of Let’s Face the Music and Die and Trying Hard to Hear You.

“Jane Futcher’s novel, Dream Lover, is absolutely wonderful – compelling, humane, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, beautifully written and wise.”
Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird and Hard Laughter.