Marin: The Place, The People

by Jane Futcher

Marin County in California, whose western shores are flanked by the Pacific and whose eastern shores are formed by San Francisco Bay, has been satirized and stereotyped, and the so-called Marin life-style has entered into contemporary mythology – hot tubs, peacock feathers, marijuana plants on the redwood deck, bean sprouts on the salad. Now, the actual Marin, as it is and as it was, is celebrated in a beautiful book that does full justice to the place itself in all its astonishing variety – sea, mountain, ranch lands, isolated villages, commuter suburbs—and to the remarkable diversity of people fortunate enough to live there.


The sweeping spans of the Golden Gate Bridge reach northward toward Marin County, their orange cables brilliant against the hills beyond. Far below is the mile-wide channel where San Francisco Bay joins the Pacific Ocean. To the east is the widening mouth of the bay, punctuated by an island of rock —Alcatraz, once America’s toughest federal prison, now a tourists’ mecca; to the west lies the Pacific. Click to Read More


“The text and photographs are superb; we feel that your book has filled a definite need both for the residents of and visitors to Marin County.” Marin County Historical Society, 1981

“There is information here, and it is, at least by my rigorous spot checking, accurate. Futcher convincingly blends old Marin with the hot tubbers; her comments on the Marin City tragedy are sharp and to the point.” Stephanie von Buchau, Pacific Sun, 1981