Fever in My Bones

by Jane Futcher

It is July 1917. As war rages in Europe, physician Thomas Barnes crosses the Atlantic to take charge of a Canadian war hospital in England. He soon discovers that war ignites passions as well as betrayals, medical breakthroughs as well as unspeakable traumas. As each new conflict cracks his cool facade, Thomas loses trust in his wife, his beloved mentor, and himself. Will love destroy him . . . or  restore his sanity?

Going OverSeptember 17, 1917

“How dashing you look, my darling,” Marjorie said when Thomas entered the sitting room dressed in the Canadian lieutenant colonel’s uniform the tailor had sent.
“Oh, Daddy!” The boys had shivered with delight at the sight their father in uniform, racing upstairs to don their own little soldier suits, sewn for them by their aunts in Ontario. 
Baby Gwendolen, cherubic and unflappable, broke into a wail.
“What on earth?” Marjorie placed the infant over her shoulder, tapping gently on her back. “Nurse! Where are you?”
Nurse rushed in from somewhere. “Right here, Mrs. B,” she cried, scooping Baby into her arms. “Goodness, me!” she exclaimed, seeing Thomas. “How handsome you look, doctor!”
“Feel quite foolish,” Thomas reddened, pulling the wool away from his neck, so very hot and scratchy on this humid Baltimore day.
“Nonsense,” Nurse laughed. “Every nurse will swoon at the sight of you.”

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